Moriah Peters

I had the opportunity to photograph Christian recording artist Moriah Peters at the Christian Cross Festival in Norfolk, Nebraska on Saturday evening. Great performance tonight.

State Champs!

The Norfolk Panthers came home as the 2017 Class A State Champions in boys basketball with a thrilling victory over Papillion-LaVista on Saturday night. The last time Norfolk won a boys basketball championship was in 1987, and it was fitting that Chris Price, the guy that made the winning shot 30 years ago, was in the house to see his son, TJ, and the rest of the team put in a great effort to win it for the Panthers again this year. Here’s a selection of my takes from the championship game and celebration that followed.

2017 Boys State Basketball Quarterfinals

Today, or technically, yesterday, was the opening day of the boys state basketball tournament. We had 11 teams from our coverage area playing in 11 games on Thursday, and I covered six of them. Here’s some from today’s action.

Girls State Basketball, 2017 style

It’s time to cover the girls state basketball tournament again. Okay, I’m already into covering it. We have nine teams in our coverage area this year, and none of them play each other during the first round today, so we have nine games. I’m covering six of them. Two games are already done as I write this, and both of our teams won. They play each other in the semifinals tomorrow, so we’re guaranteed a championship game on Saturday already, as well as a consolation game. Here’s a few from the first two games of the day. Guardian Angels Central Catholic downed Meridian in the first game of the day, although a bit sloppy, and North Central looked good in their win over Dundy County-Stratton.

Basketball. Lots of it.

I’ve been shooting a lot of basketball this season. Lots of it. In less than the past two weeks I’ve covered 4 college games and 7 high school games. Throw in a few daily assignments, a swim meet, concert and a few other things, and that’s how things have been going lately. Busy. And it’s only going to get busier with a few more basketball games this week, district wrestling Saturday, and next week sub-district basketball starts along with the Nebraska State Wrestling meet.

That’s kind of the way I like it. And thank goodness for audio books. I’ve taken to listening to those with all the windshield time I get in covering high school and college sports. Beats out listening to the same music all the time on the radio.

Anyhow, here’s a few from a couple of the basketball games I covered the last couple of days or so.

Wintry Sunset

I was driving to a couple of basketball games I had to cover for work last night, and had to stop and photograph the sunset with the rolling, snowy hills of Northeast Nebraska. The little white spot in the upper left is a crescent moon, made small because of the extreme wide angle lens I used.


Holiday tournament action

Just a few pics from the girls championship game at West Point Guardian Angels this afternoon. 

A trip down memory lane, part 3

This is a set of photos I made while working on a story about the Immaculata Monastery in Norfolk in 2003. The sisters there were wonderful to work with, and were very welcoming to me as a stranger in their home, giving me access to several places in their building that the general public can not go.


A trip down memory lane, part 2

Here’s my next installment for my old work. I’m including some spot news, feature and portraits in this one. Some cute photos, some fun ones, and some a lot more serious.

Feel free to hit me up with questions if you have any.

A trip down memory lane, part 1

I’ve spent a little time over the past week or so going through some old discs containing some of my work from years past. I thought I’d share some with you in a few different posts. I’ll start with sports. I shoot a lot of sports. It probably accounts for more than 80% of what I photograph for work, and that’s okay with me. I like my ‘office’ being many of the sporting events I get to cover for the Daily News.

I’m including anything from a ‘sportrait’ — a sports-related portrait — to various high school events and even a little rodeo. And, yes, the football photo of the quarterback looking to make a pitch is from a game many years ago that had the fog roll in. Really dense fog. REALLY. DENSE. FOG. So much that you couldn’t see the other sideline. Probably safe to say there wasn’t much passing going on during that game.

Several of my photos are after the action has stopped. Sometimes in shooting sports the best photos happen after the action has stopped, and that’s what tells the story a lot of the time. It’s been said over and over to keep shooting all the way through (beyond the action). That’s how a lot of these little gems are found.

With all that being said, enjoy!