Jim Belushi and the Board of Comedy

I had the opportunity to photograph Jim Belushi and the Board of Comedy show in Norfolk last Saturday night. What a great show! The way the four of them (Belushi, Megan Grano, Larry Joe Campbell and Joshua Funk) all work so well together and feed off each other during these shows was amazing to watch, and the laughter that came from it was a great stress relief. They commented to me afterwards on what a great audience we had here, which was true. I got a kick out of the so-called¬† ‘chest bump’ in the top left photo. So much fun!


State Volleyball

Last week was the Nebraska state high school volleyball championships. As a newspaper, we had eight teams make it, and over the three day tournament I photographed eight games. Here are just a few of the highlights from my coverage in Lincoln.

Not my typical Sunday

Most Sunday’s I don’t have anything to photograph for work. Yesterday was different. Northeast Community College had a regional soccer game that I was assigned to photograph, and in the second half of that game I was called away to a major apartment fire on the north side of town. Several people were displaced with this fire that required mutual aid from 2 area towns to aid with battling the blaze in 30+ mph winds. Luckily everyone was able to get out safely and no injuries were reported.

A walk with my iPhone

I had the morning off today and took advantage of some extra time to take a leisurely walk with the beautiful, albeit a bit warm on the temperature side (85 degrees) for this time of year. I walked about a mile out and back from the trail head of the Cowboy Trail that starts in Norfolk’s Ta Ha Zouka Park. These are a selection of photos I shot with my iPhone 7 Plus — no retouching or filters applied. Enjoy!

2017 Total Eclipse

Last Monday the total eclipse made it’s way across the United States. I’ve always liked astronomy, every since I was a little kid. This was one thing I wasn’t going to miss. My wife and I took our 5th grader out of school that day for what could be a once in a lifetime event for any of us to see.



We traveled a couple hours away to my childhood home in Grand Island, Nebraska, and stayed with my mom on Sunday night (thanks mom!). After scouting out a place on Sunday night for the four of us to view the eclipse, I changed my mind on Monday morning after seeing the old fighter jet on display at the United Veteran’s Club park in Grand Island. I thought that would make a nice foreground for the time lapse I was planning on shooting with my GoPro. Boy did I pick a nice park. We never had traffic to deal with, and I’m guessing only about 40-50 people total throughout the park.

We met some very nice people at the park that were there for their viewing pleasure as well, including a gentleman from Chicago that was doing some video blogging, Chris Carter of Minnesota, who is one of the hosts of the Under the Hood car talk radio show, the David and Cheryl Ellis family from Iowa and Andrew Linn, a farmer from Iowa with an awesome hobby of astrophotography. He had a great setup with three telescopes – two with still cameras attached and one that he shot video through and also very joyfully let anyone take a close peek as the moon progressed across the sun. (Great to meet all of you!)

I was able to capture a few photos of the day and eclipse, as well as the time lapse I had planned (you can see that here). What an incredible, jaw dropping and awesome experience to be in the path of totality. Something I know we will never forget, just as everyone else won’t that were able to experience the total eclipse, no matter where they were that day.

Moriah Peters

I had the opportunity to photograph Christian recording artist Moriah Peters at the Christian Cross Festival in Norfolk, Nebraska on Saturday evening. Great performance tonight.

State Champs!

The Norfolk Panthers came home as the 2017 Class A State Champions in boys basketball with a thrilling victory over Papillion-LaVista on Saturday night. The last time Norfolk won a boys basketball championship was in 1987, and it was fitting that Chris Price, the guy that made the winning shot 30 years ago, was in the house to see his son, TJ, and the rest of the team put in a great effort to win it for the Panthers again this year. Here’s a selection of my takes from the championship game and celebration that followed.

2017 Boys State Basketball Quarterfinals

Today, or technically, yesterday, was the opening day of the boys state basketball tournament. We had 11 teams from our coverage area playing in 11 games on Thursday, and I covered six of them. Here’s some from today’s action.

Girls State Basketball, 2017 style

It’s time to cover the girls state basketball tournament again. Okay, I’m already into covering it. We have nine teams in our coverage area this year, and none of them play each other during the first round today, so we have nine games. I’m covering six of them. Two games are already done as I write this, and both of our teams won. They play each other in the semifinals tomorrow, so we’re guaranteed a championship game on Saturday already, as well as a consolation game. Here’s a few from the first two games of the day. Guardian Angels Central Catholic downed Meridian in the first game of the day, although a bit sloppy, and North Central looked good in their win over Dundy County-Stratton.

Basketball. Lots of it.

I’ve been shooting a lot of basketball this season. Lots of it. In less than the past two weeks I’ve covered 4 college games and 7 high school games. Throw in a few daily assignments, a swim meet, concert and a few other things, and that’s how things have been going lately. Busy. And it’s only going to get busier with a few more basketball games this week, district wrestling Saturday, and next week sub-district basketball starts along with the Nebraska State Wrestling meet.

That’s kind of the way I like it. And thank goodness for audio books. I’ve taken to listening to those with all the windshield time I get in covering high school and college sports. Beats out listening to the same music all the time on the radio.

Anyhow, here’s a few from a couple of the basketball games I covered the last couple of days or so.